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Founded in 1997 by Master Swing Trader author Alan Farley, HRE offers traders and investors one of the most comprehensive financial resources on the web. In addition to our excellent online trading course, we present a wide variety of market scans, expert analysis, original strategies, and practical tools. Also check out our full-service online store, featuring Alan's newsletters, courses, DVDs, and books. Use this handy reference guide to find your way around.


Farley's Tactics

Our comprehensive learning center contains a wealth of trading setups, tutorials, and strategies that will take your trading to the next level and improve your bottom line. Learn dozens of original methods to navigate shifting markets, stay ahead of the curve, and act quickly when the time is right...with TACTICS straight from the master.

Mastering The Trade: Online Course

Our popular online workshop builds advanced trading knowledge and takes you step-by-step through profitable execution of short-term price movement. Packed with over 700 illustrations, this exciting seminar teaches the skills required to find and exploit superb trading opportunities. MTT provides market timers, swing traders and day traders with original tactics to succeed in today's volatile markets.

Start this outstanding course at any time and take it at your own pace. Your personal mentor-instructor stands ready to discuss the trading concepts and strategies as you proceed. Learn advanced techniques at your own pace while you chat with the author of The Master Swing Trader.

Wizard's Den

Get tips, tactics and techniques from the most knowledgeable traders of our generation, including Jeff Cooper, Joe DiNapoli, and Teresa Lo. This exclusive collection includes a broad variety of advanced tutorials, educational articles, detailed case studies and classic market wisdom.


Morning Trader

Features our exclusive 7-Bells daily stock scans, as well as free expert commentary by noted market professionals. Here you'll find outstanding stock picks and profitable ideas for each market day.

The Daily Swing Trade (Subscribers Only)

The Daily Swing Trade newsletter is now in its 9th year at Alan Farley's unique methods, instincts and insight helps subscribers at all experience levels take advantage of profitable trading opportunities that are invisible to other market players.

This daily service offers short-term trade setups, lasting from a few days to several weeks. It focuses attention and stock picks squarely on the happy medium between the frenzied pace of the day trader and the many disadvantages faced by the long-term investor in today's electronic market environment.

On The Edge

Alan's daily blog features real time market insight, tape reading observations and stock/futures/currency analysis for intraday traders and position traders.



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Master Swing Trader

The Master Swing Trader

Enter the hidden world of the master pattern and build powerful swing trading strategies that respond quickly to changing market conditions. Use multiple time frame technical analysis and advanced 3D charting techniques to execute trades that take advantage of crowd confusion and market inefficiency. This complete and practical guide to modern swing trading includes over 180 illustrations and dozens of proprietary setups that illustrate both classic and highly original short-term tactics.

Master Swing Trader's Toolkit

The Master Swing Trader II: The Market Survival Toolkit

Master Today's Volatile Stock Markets - and profit in the years to come. With more than 50,000 copies sold, "The Master Swing Trader" has become the definitive guide for maximizing profit from short-term price moves. This highly anticipated companion volume, "The Master Swing Trader II: The Market Survival Toolkit", builds on proven strategies and techniques, and delivers new tips for consistently beating the markets - today and in the future.

The 7-Bells Scans

Mastering The Setup, our interactive multimedia guide to the advanced strategies of the 7-Bells patterns. This comprehensive course features over four hours of original commentary, charts, and examples that show numerous ways to apply these dependable trading tools.

DVD Library

Predicting Market Trends

Predicting Market Trends

Traders need innovative timing techniques and sound risk management in order to profit from the complexities of our modern financial markets. In this 90-minute presentation, Alan Farley shows you how to incorporate market trends and time management into every single trade you make.

Cash In Instead of Getting Crushed

Cash In Instead of Getting Crushed

In today's modern markets, advanced computer programs and sophisticated algorithms are playing an increasingly prominent role and changing the way that market participants interact. Traders who want to stay ahead of the game must learn how to adjust their skills and systems accordingly. In this brand-new, four-hour DVD course, market veteran Alan Farley delivers all of the secrets necessary for carving out your place in today's markets.

Targeting Profitable Entry and Exit points

Targeting Profitable Entry & Exit Points

Find out what tools Master Swing Trader uses to enter and exit trades, and how he maximizes his profits. This informative 90-minute DVD will teach you when to get in, when to get out, and when to stand aside.

Mastering Breakouts and Breakdowns

Mastering Breakouts & Breakdowns

Often times, traders chase positions at new highs or lows without understanding the dynamics that yield strong trends or sharp reversals. This DVD series deconstructs breakouts and breakdowns into component units and examines how each element contributes to overall trend strength or weakness. Whether you're a beginner or just looking to improve your consistency, the proprietary information in this DVD series will add a definable edge into every market strategy.

Turning Pattern Cycles Into Profits

Turning Pattern Cycles Into Profits

Traders make bad decisions when they don't understand how their positions fit into the current stage of trend development. This DVD series identifies the repeating cycles of pattern and opportunity that define how uptrends and downtrends evolve in stocks, currencies and futures. This machine language of the markets gives the serious-minded trader a powerful edge in their day-to-day strategies.

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